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Celebrating 10 years ‘’ in 2021, and this is the time to say GOOD BYE! No more Updates! Thanks! -


News from England - The NEW McLaren 720S GT3!


Carrera McLaren 720S GT3 “No.03” (Art.Nr.: 30892)

Two NEW Porsche - one 911 RSR and one Kremer 935 ...

( ... and one Problem ... )


Carrera Porsche 911 RSR “Proton Competition, # 99” (Art.Nr.: 30908) und Carrera Porsche Kremer 935 K3 “Vaillant, No.51” (Art.Nr.: 30898)

Il NUOVO Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione!


Carrera Ferrari FXX K Evoluzione “No.54” (Art.Nr.: 30894)

The NEW ‘76 BMW 3.5 CSL - Fast or Slow?


Carrera BMW 3.5 CSL “No.12”, 1976 (Art.Nr.: 30897)


Hi folks! - Hallo, ich begrüsse Sie!

  Welcome on! This private website is dedicated to the ‘Carrera digital D132’ system. You’ll find Test drive’s from Carrera standard cars, videos and tuning tip’s ...

  Herzlich willkommen bei! Diese private Website widmet sich ganz dem Thema ‘Carrera Digital D 132’. Hier finden Sie Tests von Serienfahrzeugen, Videos und Tuning Tipps ...

Come on, let’s ride ...

A truck for the track! The Carrera Wrecker!


Carrera Wrecker (Art.Nr.: 30776)

How to paint a slot car - Lackieren eines Rennwagens. Check out my movie: ‘paint job: slot car’

The ‘Evil-Twins’ - Eigenbauten mit Carrera Audi R8 Rohkarossen - Own made slot cars with Carrera Audi R8 white kits. Audi R8 LMS “No. 81 + 97”, 24h Nuerburgring 2009

‘Desert Speedway’ - Test Track - Teststrecke ...


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